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Vladimir Kelava
Vladimir Kelava

Vladimir Kelava

He is passionate about encouraging people to grow and to create a better work environment in healthy and thriving teams. Vladimir has been part of the software development world for many, many years, working as a Software Engineer, Team Leader, Scrum Master, and Agile Coach.

Helping people embrace an agile mindset, innovation and new ways of working through participative leadership is his everyday life. Vladimir is very interested in industrial and organizational psychology, always available to talk about the role of management in an agile environment, especially over a glass of good craft beer. Invite him for one and see it for yourself.

Vladimir is also a Management 3.0 Facilitator and Collaboration Superpower Facilitator, which fits well with his interest in the topic of the role of management in in today’s world. His style is casual and revolves around interactions with people. In his work, he aptly uses storytelling, metaphors, and a lot of real-life examples. As the Training from the Back of the Room certified trainer, he likes to use brain-friendly interactive learning strategies. More often than not you’ll see him drawing flip charts on the fly, always willing to go the extra mile to explain the concepts. He knows concepts – he lives them. People love him for his authenticity, receptiveness, and genuine interest.

Topic: Culture eats everything for breakfast

*Note: Workshop topic is in Serbian language

No matter how good your management strategies are, they won’t help you if the organizational culture is bad. Processes and practices are important, but so are values and principles. Without them, the foundation is fragmented and dysfunctional. An organization that is values-based clearly defines its shared core values. Such organizations create a culture that in which shared values are the guiding principles for decision-making, actions and behaviors. An organization’s values are the lens through which others see its history, its present experience and its future endeavors. But many times, value lists on the company walls are only talked about, but not practiced.

Join us at this session if you want to discuss:

  • What the impact of a culture can be, good or bad.
  • How do we grow a great organizational culture?
  • How core values can benefit your organization.
  • The difference between the espoused and the enacted values in an organization.
  • The benefits of using storytelling to compare enacted values with the espoused values.
  • What is the Management 3.0 big Value List

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