WHY Product Owner?

Visionary Decision-Maker

As the architect of the product's future, this role is entrusted with crafting a compelling vision that lights the path to triumph. By setting precise, attainable goals, they serve as the North Star, guiding the team toward success. Striking a harmonious chord between visionary strategy and grounded execution, they bridge the realms of big-picture thinking and hands-on implementation.

Master of Prioritization

With an expert touch, the Master of Prioritization deftly navigates a sea of features and requirements. Armed with an innate ability to discern the essential from the optional, they skillfully make the tough calls, orchestrating the team's efforts towards tasks that wield the most profound impact. In the intricate dance of project management, they wield the conductor's baton, ensuring that the team moves in harmony towards delivering excellence.

Feedback Integrator

A virtuoso of synthesis, the Feedback Integrator thrives in the art of harmony. With a skilled ear for voices from all corners – stakeholders, end-users, and the development team – they masterfully weave these disparate threads into a unified tapestry. Guided by their expertise, the product’s direction is tuned precisely, ensuring that every note resonates with the collective pulse of its intended audience.

Risk Manager

A sentinel on the path of progress, the Risk Manager navigates the labyrinth of uncertainties. With a vigilant eye and a map of foresight, they scout the terrain for potential obstacles and pitfalls. Armed with contingency plans and a shield of preparedness, they ensure that the journey remains steady, unwavering, and free from stumbling blocks that could impede the product's triumphant march.

Value Maximizer

A tireless seeker of value's deepest reservoirs, the Value Maximizer's every decision is guided by a singular quest: to extract the greatest worth from each endeavor. With every calculated move, they align the stars of ROI, steering the ship towards the shores of business growth. Their captaincy ensures that every resource invested returns multiplied dividends of success.

Domain Expert

The Domain Expert dons the mantle of mastery, traversing the intricate landscapes of product knowledge. With deep-seated understanding and seasoned wisdom, they serve as the compass, guiding the team through the labyrinth of possibilities. Their expertise ensures that every decision and action remains anchored in the bedrock of informed insight, leading the product towards unmatched excellence.

Storyteller Extraordinaire

A weaver of narratives, the Storyteller Extraordinaire crafts tales that inspire, captivate, and rally the troops. With each word, they illuminate the product's vision, breathe life into user stories, and paint vivid portraits of priorities. Their stories resonate in the hearts of the team and stakeholders alike, binding them together with a common purpose and unwavering resolve.

User Advocate

Positioned at the forefront of empathy and innovation, the User Advocate stands as the unwavering champion of the end-users. Their mission? To ensure that the product transcends expectations, delivering not just value, but extraordinary value. By zealously tending to the needs and aspirations of users, they sculpt a seamless experience that resonates, transforming complex ideas into intuitive solutions that feel like second nature.

Requirement Whisperer

Armed with the power of understanding, the Requirement Whisperer bridges the gap between user complexity and development clarity. With an enchanting knack for transforming intricate user needs into crisp, actionable user stories, they orchestrate a symphony of comprehension within the development team. Their translation prowess ensures that every line of code aligns flawlessly with user aspirations, ultimately crafting a product that sings in harmony with its purpose.

Collaboration Conductor

At the heart of the ensemble, the Collaboration Conductor orchestrates a symphony of unity. Armed with a baton of effective communication, they ensure that the entire team, like a well-rehearsed orchestra, harmonizes towards a singular melody: the product's vision. With each note of collaboration, they transform individual efforts into a crescendo of shared purpose and synchronized success.

Innovation Catalyst

Igniting the spark of innovation, the Catalyst is a beacon of creativity within the team. Their presence stirs the waters of conventional thought, inciting ripples of ingenious ideas. By fostering an environment where imagination thrives, they kindle the fires of progress, ensuring that the product's path is illuminated by the blazing light of inventive solutions.

Decision Enabler

In the realm of decisions, the Enabler wields the key that unlocks progress. With unwavering clarity, they empower the team by providing swift resolutions and removing ambiguity. By streamlining the decision-making process, they ensure that every step forward is sure-footed, each challenge met with a resolute stride, propelling the development process towards the summit of efficiency.

Iterative Refiner

Dancing to the rhythm of evolution, the Iterative Refiner embraces the ebb and flow of change. With an unyielding allegiance to Agile's iterative nature, they sculpt and chisel the product backlog with every revelation and insight. Their steady hand ensures that the product evolves gracefully, each refinement propelling it closer to the zenith of its potential.

Who can be a good PO?

If you are...

  • Product Owner without certificate
  • Business Analysts
  • Project/Product managers
  • Data analysts
  • team member who is trying to find valuable information for the work of his team
  • Person with little experience in Scrum who wishes to learn more
  • Manager who wondering how project development processes should flow and how to create an energizing workplace

...this course is for you!

What you will learn on this course

CSPO® Learning OUTCOMES (Scrum Alliance®)

Product Owner Core Competencies

  • organizational designs which affect how the accountabilities of the Product Owner are executed.
  • techniques to provide transparency to stakeholders on progress toward goals.
  • techniques to gather information or insights from stakeholders.
  • how the Product Owner interacts with the other Scrum Team members during the Scrum events and throughout the Sprint.
  • ways to overcome the challenges of being a Product Owner for multiple Scrum Teams.
  • reasons why the Product Owner is a single person and neither a group nor a committee.
  • how and why the Product Owner maintains authority over the Product Backlog while working collaboratively with Developers and stakeholders.

Goal Setting and Planning

  • the relationship between a product vision and a Product Goal.
  • creation of a Product Goal.
  • creating a Sprint Goal with a Scrum Team.
  • components of a product plan or forecast with stakeholders.
  • how to plan a product release.
  • approaches to identify small, valuable, and usable Increments.

Understanding Customers and Users

  • how a Product Owner includes product discovery and validation in their work.
  • approaches for segmenting customers and users.
  • technique to address conflicting customer (or user) needs.
  • aspects of product discovery contribute to successful product outcomes.
  • approaches to connect Developers directly to customers and users.

Working with the Product Backlog

  • relationship between outcome and output.
  • actions the Product Owner could take to maximize outcomes and impact while minimizing outputs.
  • terms related to product economics.
  • value from the perspective of at least three different stakeholder groups.
  • techniques to measure value.
  • create a Product Backlog that supports the achievement of a Product Goal.
  • create Product Backlog item that includes a description of desired outcome and value.
  • approach to refining the Product Backlog.

Validating Product Assumptions

  • how Scrum supports validating product assumptions.
  • approaches to validate product assumptions by their cost and quality of learning.

Why you should take this course

Benefits of this CSPO® certification


Certified ScrumProductOwners® demonstrate the accomplishment of core Scrum knowledge and are highly-valued across industries since they have verifiable skills.

  • Widen of your knowledge of popular Agile practices
  • Demonstrate the accomplishment of core Scrum knowledge to employers
  • Boost your career and unlock earning potential in IT and non-IT organizations
  • Create a better product by leading and implementing Scrum in the team
  • Actively engage with Scrum Alliance, as well as Agile Serbia community

Benefits for

  • Improve communication between the Stakeholders and team members
  • Spread the adoption of Scrum
  • Deliver a high-value product
  • Define the product vision

Product Owner's salary in Serbia

Product Owner’s salary range in Serbia:

800 – 2800 €

Average Product Owner’s salary in Serbia:

1750 €

*research in 2023. [source: Infoplate]

how to get CSPO® certificate

Certification process

Step #1

REGISTER on time

Find your date and register on time on Agile Serbia, a Global REA of Scrum Alliance (SA).

Step #2

Take The Course

Take the CSPO course, 16 hours of interactive instructions from verified trainer (CST).

Step #3

Get Credentials from Scrum Alliance

After the course, create login credentials through the link that you'll receive from Scrum Alliance.

Step #4

Get your certificate

Accept a license agreement and receive CSPO® certificate & 2-year membership from Scrum Alliance.

Step #5


Don't forget! Renew the certification once every two years. Scrum Product Owner Certification Renewal Cost is 100$


What are the next steps AFTER CSPO® certification?

Product Owner: Responsible for maximizing the value of the product.

We are here to help

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People Usually Ask Us These ... about CSPO®

    • First step is to attend the two-day CSPO training course conducted by a certified trainer.
    • After completing the course, you will have an account created on Scrum Alliance website where you will be able to download and print a copy of your CSPO certification.

    NOTE: At this time, there is no exam requirement to earn the CSPO certification.

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