It’s about actionable leadership and empowering teams with the right tools and support to achieve excellent results

Say goodbye to traditional, outdated management styles. Embrace a dynamic approach that empowers you to drive success like never before. If you believe that management isn’t just for managers, then this workshop is your ultimate game-changer. Get ready to revolutionize your leadership skills and transform your team’s performance. Don’t miss out – join the Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop and take the leap towards becoming an unstoppable, agile leader. Your journey to a brighter, more engaged future starts here!

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Do you recognize yourself?

Ever find yourself spotting the signs of low employee engagement or lack of team collaboration? Are you the kind of person who loves brainstorming proactive solutions rather than dwelling on complaints? If so, you’re exactly the type of leader who should be reading this!

Who is this training for?

Management 3.0 Foundation is a hands-on leadership workshop which covers theoretical and practical agile management, with a focus on tangible tools and practices that you can use directly after attending the workshops. It’s perfect for:

Become a better Manager and Leader​

Management 3.0 is not another framework, it’s a mindset, combined with an ever-changing collection of games, tools, and practices to help any worker manage the organization. This workshop empowers you with new knowledge and expertise to:

Have the skills for: ​

Know the answers to:

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What will you learn?

What makes the Management 3.0 approach unique is that it is grounded in science and leans heavily on complex systems theory.  It will not ask you to open your heart, hold hands, and sing “Kumbaya” and everything is going to be fine. You’ll be equipped with practical knowledge and a new mindset with these engaging and fun modules:


Management and leadership

You will learn about the different management approaches and get an idea of what Management 3.0 is about in general. You will get introduced to the six views of Management 3.0 (Martie’s eyes) and the definition of every view.


You will get to know about the five main principles of Management 3.0 and their importance for becoming a better leader and managing the system in a way to benefit your people and company.

Complexity thinking

It is about how to deal with increased complexity in a VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) world. It as well contains the Management 3.0 Complexity Thinking Guidelines.

Motivation and engagement

You will learn how to motivate employees and how you as a leader can increase employee engagement.

The Rewards & Incentives

This module is focused on understanding the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, how we can exploit the former and how to relate people’s work and roles to purpose, mastery and freedom.

Worker happiness

Engaged and happy workers can make things happen! That’s why Management 3.0 has an additional module caring about Worker Happiness.

Delegation and empowerment

Discover a better approach to managing complex systems within the context of Management 3.0, exploring the relationship between authority, ability, and empowerment.

Values and culture

This module is about how to grow organizational culture. It defines what corporate culture is and why it is important.

Metrics and OKRs

This module is all about measurement. It looks into the question of why we have metrics and what we really want to measure and how.

Meaning and purpose

This module is about how purpose matters to all businesses and it focuses on how that purpose must go farther than simply growth, expansion or bank statements.

Learning and Competencies

Teams cannot achieve their goals if team members aren’t capable enough. To combat this, managers must create an environment of continuous learning, thus contributing to the development of competence.

Scaling Organizational Structure

An organization should operate like a city. Some parts emerge bottom-up while others are designed top-down. The art of management is finding the right balance between these two approaches. This module is about organization design.

Earn an international Certificate!

The class is practical, full of simulations and examples from real life. It is a full preparation for you to become a better Manager and Leader, but also a Management 3.0 Facilitator. By attending an official Management 3.0 Workshop, offered by a licensed Management 3.0 Facilitator, you will receive a badge and an official Management 3.0 Certificate of Attendance.

Your Certificate of Attendance for a 2 days in-person Foundation Workshop will give you the right to get a Management 3.0 content license, so you can facilitate your own workshops with the official Management 3.0 materials.

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What is the value for you?

By the end of the course you will:

  • Receive an official Management 3.0 Foundation certificate from Management 3.0
  • Master new tools for effective team communication;
  • Start improving everything in your organization;
  • Be taught how to manage the system and not the people;
  • Experience immediate improvements in employee happiness and almost certain improvements in workers motivation;
  • Have skills to help your teamwork seamlessly as a true team;
  • Become competent in proactive leadership games and exercises to apply with your team immediately;
  • You will learn how work doesn’t have to feel like work, but more like enjoying the good life;
  • Learn the satisfaction of being redefined as a leader.

The Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop – your ticket to unlocking a whole new level of management greatness. No more waiting around for change – you’ll be armed with practical tools and cutting-edge practices that you can put into action the very next day!

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about Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop

Management 3.0 follows the systems thinking idea that 95 percent of the performance of an organization is the result of the whole system, not the individual. Management 3.0 examines how to analyze that system to come up with the right solutions for better and effective leadership across organizations.

From the Scrum Alliance Website: “A Scrum Education Unit® (SEU®) is a credit earned by completing an educational training or learning opportunity that meets a defined set of learning objectives. Here you’ll find more information about this credit and learn about how to earn and use them”.

As far as we know, Management 3.0 workshops count for their SEU’s. Check out their website for their details, we are not involved in this system.

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