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Agile Serbia was established as an educational center under Puzzle Software. For us, business agility means having a purpose-driven flexibility that enables organizations to make important decisions and respond faster and more efficiently. Agile businesses work faster, better, and deliver higher value, which results in satisfied customers, motivated staff, and most importantly, profits. With this approach and the best practices we use to improve all aspects of an organization, we aim to build a new culture. We firmly believe in the power of Agile, which has become our mission, and we are fully committed to helping businesses become Agile - to be adaptable and flexible in the face of changes and market challenges.

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Our Experience

More than a 10 Year of Experience


2100+ Certifications

Over the years, we have organized numerous Certified Scrum courses in partnership with the Scrum Alliance, both in public and on-site settings. As time passed, our educational offerings have expanded to include Non-Certified Agile training. We also provide on-site training to our partners throughout the Balkan region.

Agile Serbia coaching and mentoring


Agile Transformations

Our coaches have successfully led numerous Agile transformation programs. How do we attain our objectives? By comprehending business needs thoroughly. We prioritize practical business requirements that genuinely enhance the end result. Our aim is to assist clients in creating an environment that fosters growth and success, ensuring desired outcomes. We are entirely dedicated to helping businesses embrace agility - becoming adaptable and flexible to changes and market challenges.

Agile Serbia coaching and mentoring


Biggest Agile events

Our events have become immensely popular. We organize a variety of Agile Events, which include free workshops and meet-ups. The largest of these regional gatherings is the Agile Serbia Conference, which has garnered acclaim both domestically and internationally. In 2021, we also hosted the Regional Scrum Gathering Belgrade, an Scrum Alliance's event organized and hosted by local and regional agilists, so that provided a truly unique and valuable experience. This was the first event of its kind in this region of Europe, and we have continued to organize it in subsequent years. As a recognized leader in Agile education, we will continue to push boundaries by bringing forth hot topics and innovations.

Some of our dear CLIENTS


According to Agile principles, people are one of the most important values for any business. Agile Serbia owes its success to the incredible individuals who have contributed to it. It is with great pride that we introduce our team.