Jelena Branković

Imagine this: my career journey is like wearing two different hats, each with its own unique style. First, I ventured into the world of market research. It was like diving into an exciting adventure, a puzzle full of the promise of fresh ideas and discoveries waiting to be found. I can’t deny it – I really enjoyed working in this ever-changing field, learning new things, and finding exciting solutions.

But life, well, it’s a bit like a puzzle, isn’t it? It throws unexpected surprises and challenges at you. So, what did I do? I decided to change direction, to use my skills and passion for our family business. It was like taking a big leap into the unknown, like trying to solve a complex puzzle with lots of new responsibilities. I embraced this challenge with open arms, ready to make a real impact.

Fast forward almost ten years – years filled with hard work, nights with too little sleep, and a strong commitment to my path. Here I am today, looking back at my journey with a heart full of pride. Every job I’ve had, whether in market research or our family business, has been a piece of the big puzzle that is my life.

This puzzle isn’t just about completing it; it’s about the excitement of finding new pieces. It’s about seeing the bigger picture, the wonderful picture of success taking shape right before your eyes. The real beauty is not just reaching your goal but the journey itself – the valuable lessons you learn, the growth, and the changes that happen along the way.

But the most cherished part of my life’s puzzle? That’s being a mother. I’ve been the guiding light for two incredible girls, who are on the verge of adulthood, with dreams as big as the sky.