Predrag Rajković

He is go-to guy for all things Agile and digital success!

With a knack for making complex concepts simple and enjoyable, Predrag is your Agile Coach extraordinaire. He’s on a mission to sprinkle some Agile magic and help companies and individuals reach their full potential.

As a seasoned digital professional and Agile practitioner, he has been weaving his expertise into the fabric of organizations, guiding them through transformative journeys towards agility. Whether it’s coaching, facilitating workshops, or spearheading initiatives, he’s always at the forefront, leading the charge towards a more Agile future.

With a background in telecommunications and IT, Predrag knows a thing or two about managing dislocated teams across diverse markets. He’s a pro at introducing methodologies like Scrum and making corporate environments more dynamic and responsive.

But he doesn’t stop there. He’s also a certified facilitator of the Design Sprint framework, helping teams sprint from problem to solution with lightning speed. Armed with a MSc in E-commerce, he’s got the perfect blend of academic prowess and real-world experience to drive digital innovation.

Predrag is not just a believer in Agile; he’s an evangelist on a mission. Even when faced with uphill battles, he remains steadfast in his commitment to spreading the Agile gospel.