About the course

This workshop is designed to provide individuals with practical tools and approaches to support large-scale agile transformation efforts.

Coaching agile organizations (CAO) can be a challenging task, requiring patience, humor, and long-term commitment. It can take many years to discover how to make agility work within your organization. However, once you have gone through this process, you should be better equipped to respond more efficiently to changing market conditions.

This workshop, based on the book “Creating Agile Organizations” by Cesario Ramos and Ilia Pavlichenko, uses a mix of instruction and group activities. Participants learn to adopt agile at a large scale, avoid common mistakes, and use practical workshop formats to coach their organization in their journey.

In this 3-day workshop, participants explore how to guide an agile transformation and how to guide an agile organization redesign, from product definition, structure, roles and responsibilities to people practices.

If you are...

  • Change lead
  • Scrum Master
  • Coach
  • And those who want to learn practical tools and approaches to support a large-scale agile transformation effort

...this course is for you!

What you will learn on this course

  • Explore how to facilitate workshops to support agile transformation.
  • Understand how to design an agile organization for adaptability and highest value delivery.
  • Be ready to study system dynamics to define the products and prepare the organization for change.
  • Understand how to work with senior management in the transformation process.
  • Know how to launch and support the change with practical tools and techniques.
  • How to guide an organization redesign.
  • How to prepare your organization to successfully start your transformation.
  • How to successfully launch a group to work in the new organization design.
  • How to coach teams after group launch.
  • How to guide product ownership at large scale.

The course curriculum

Day 1: Organization design

  • Designing for adaptability.
  • Flow efficiency v.S. Resource efficiency.
  • Organization structure: how to structure the product group and surrounding organizational units.
  • Processes & integration: how to coordinate and integrate across units.
  • People practice.

Day 2: Preparing the organization

  • Adoption approach.
  • Coaching for change.
  • Understanding current reality.
  • Applying systems thinking to optimize for adaptability.
  • Defining your product.
  • 12 organization design guides.
  • Designing your product group.

Day 3: Launching a product group

  • Preparing the first iteration.
  • Guiding product ownership.
  • Team lift-offs.
  • Guiding teams.

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