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Why would you need an agile mentor?

An experienced Agile mentor will be your guide, empowering you to embrace Agile and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

Experience applied to your context

With their wealth of experience, agile mentors bring proven best practices with a strong focus on specific needs, ensuring your company doesn't waste time reinventing the wheel and adopts industry-standard approaches.

Overcome Resistance and Obstacles

Agile transformations often face resistance from within the organization. The agile mentor can help identify and address these obstacles, promoting buy-in from team members and stakeholders.

Continuous Feedback and Improvement

Regular mentoring sessions enable continuous feedback loops, helping your company continuously improve and refine its agile processes as you progress through the transformation journey.

Conflict Resolution & Crisis Management

During transformation, conflicts may arise, and crises are a real possibility. Your mentor can mediate and resolve conflicts constructively, ensuring a positive and productive work environment.

Accountability and Progress Tracking

The mentor holds the company accountable for your transformation goals and tracks progress, ensuring you stay focused and committed to achieving meaningful results.

Objective Perspective

Being an external party, the agile mentor can offer an unbiased, objective perspective on your company's transformation, highlighting blind spots and suggesting improvements.

Reduced Learning Curve

By leveraging the expertise of an external coach, your company can avoid common pitfalls and shorten the learning curve, saving time and resources.

Sustained Momentum

The agile mentor helps maintain momentum and enthusiasm throughout the transformation, preventing the process from stalling or losing steam.

The duration of mentoring varies based on your company’s needs, the complexity of the transformation, and the progress made. By providing consistent support, the expert coach ensures a steady and impactful transition toward becoming a truly agile organization.

What agile mentoring looks like?

The role of an Agile Coach is to help organizational transformation into its self-organizing, more collaborative, and more flexible form.

  • The coach will work with your company 2-3 times per week (depending on your needs)
  • Monitor the existing teams and processes
  • Give suggestions how to overcome the existing Agile anti-patterns and challenges,
  • Mentor and train individuals/groups (eg. Scrum Masters, Product Owners, management representatives, Scrum teams, etc.)
  • Give suggestions for further improvement towards a truly Agile environment.

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