Bogdan Doroslovac
Bogdan Doroslovac

Bogdan Doroslovac & Đorđe Babić

Đorđe Babić
Agile Coach, Heart of Agile delivery partner, Hivemind Architect

Driven by two questions:

  • How to motivate large groups of people to work together for shared goals?
  • Is it possible to communicate completely?

In this search, I have helped organizations grow and thrive, bringing clarity to structure, culture, and processes. I have mentored managers, directors, and C-level executives, and held many workshops that are designed to help teams collaborate, deliver, reflect, and improve. I focus on active questioning, listening deeply, and systemic modeling to help groups find their metaphors, share vision, and find ways of working together that are suitable to their needs

Bogdan Doroslovac
Agile coach, Professional Scrum Trainer, Geek of all trades

Bogdan was always a geek of all trades to begin with, but sometimes during studies was bitten by an electronics bug. That made him turn from a mechanical engineer into an embedded aficionado, delving ever-more into depths of kernel-space. And if you stare long enough into the kernel, the kernel stares back. Leaving behind rocket science and always in search of excellence, he discovered agile, and scrum and all neat things other programmers are doing.

Nowadays he is trying to make embed agility into work by changing old ways in favor of culture of trust and psychological safety. Culture where Scrum and its values can thrive. In his work he is blending coaching, gestalt, agile and plain human interaction with a trademark easy-going attitude.

Topic: Empty Chair Workshop

Empty chair is simple movement game, we will learn about how we communicate as humans while having some fun. Basically, this is a workshop you can use as activity to unravel communication patterns in your team. Besides being fun (and frustrating at times) it can be valuable to debrief in a retrospective – or can be run as a retrospective. Main concepts here covered in practice are Tuckman’s team dynamics and Lencioni’s 5 Dysfunctions of a Team models. Applying team coaching techniques to support team as it is forming. We don’t promise cookies, but we might have them – come and find out.

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