Jon Kern
Jon Kern

Jon Kern

Jon, a co-author of the Agile Manifesto, is an aerospace engineer by training. He is passionate about helping teams succeed in delivering business value through software. He works with teams to articulate, design, architect, and deliver software that solves challenging business problems.

Jon seeks better ways for teams to accomplish their goals from the perspectives of people (mindset and culture), process, and technology (tools). Jon likes to help teams build an interaction-first environment that enables effective practices, learning, solid architecture, agile development, quality-by-design (not accident), and laser-like focus on delivering business value through the strategic use of s/w development.Jon works on a production web app for firefighters on the side. So he is never far from “practicing what he preaches.”

Specialties: beer, coffee, agile development, agile coaching/mentoring, domain modeling, architectural solutions, leading distributed teams, highly varied domain expertise, and leadership by example.

Keynote topic: Return to Agile: No. The Agile Manifesto isn’t dead.

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Hear how Agile Manifesto Co-Author Jon Kern approaches software development. Find out what Jon thinks about the Agile Manifesto core values 20+ years later. Listen as he challenges the status quo on agile concepts as all-too-often practiced in today’s companies.

Jon will discuss the foundations he considers to be necessary for producing a successful software product. He will also touch on what he has recently discovered as a missing piece to his practice of helping teams become high-performing.

There will be time for Q&A. Bring your most challenging questions!

Workshop: Story Maps and Behavior-Driven Development (BDD)

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Jon will cover the use of Story Mapping and BDD-style techniques to break down feature requests. He will emphasize the importance of collaboration between Business, Dev, QA, UX, by lowering organizational boundaries, siloes, and spheres of traditional organizational influence, command & control. Jon will explain how BDD starts, as a means of expressing requirements (defining what “done” looks like) and feeds into the actual development life cycle.

Jon will explain why he insists that teams should use BDD and TDD with test automation.

This is a hands-on practical session where we will split into groups and learn how to do story mapping and how to write Given-When-Then BDD tests.

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