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Lyssa Adkins
Lyssa Adkins

Lyssa Adkins

Lyssa Adkins is an internationally-recognized thought leader in the Agile community. She is deeply trained and experienced in human systems coaching and facilitation and she is a frequent keynote speaker. Her content expertise is agile coaching, adult human development, and working with change and complexity. She is the author of Coaching Agile Teams which is still a Top 10 book ten years after publication. Her current focus is improving the performance of top leadership teams through insightful facilitation and organization systems coaching to help leaders take up the individual and collective transformation that is theirs to do. More at

Online Speaking Session: The Agilists’ Emerging Superpower and Our Planetary Challenge

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Using Agile well, we learn how to guide ourselves and others through challenging situations where there is not a clear “right” answer or “winning” strategy. With our hearts of agile and our ability to courageously inspect and adapt, we already have everything we need to thrive in constant change. This is our emerging superpower! Yet, there are important conversations we are not having with our teams and especially with our leaders. It’s time to change that.

In this talk, Lyssa Adkins, Agility & Leadership Coach, guides you to a deeper understanding of the change currents running beneath the modern working world and helps you explore the change edge you may be experiencing (psst… it’s the one that holds you back from having the really important conversations). Never fear! You will leave the session with a clear way to prepare yourself for having that conversation.

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