Saša Drinić, Aleksandar Sakač, David Vesović, Nikolina Čeko
Saša Drinić, Aleksandar Sakač, David Vesović, Nikolina Čeko

Saša Drinić, Aleksandar Sakač, David Vesović, Nikolina Čeko

Saša Drinić

Sasa has had a successful career in the gaming industry, starting as a Game Producer in 2015 and quickly rising to the position of Senior Producer. In 2017, he further advanced to become a Lead Producer, and by 2020, he was appointed as the Head of Production. Since then, he has been overseeing all the projects at Mad Head Games.

Sasa’s professional philosophy centers around sustainable production, emphasizing the importance of identifying rituals and practical techniques that suit the unique environment of the organization.
Others would say that Sasa is an optimist who believes in the possibility of finding or achieving the illusion of a perfect organization. 🙂

Aleksandar Sakač

Aleksandar’s first step into the IT industry was in 2013. Initially, he worked as a 3D Artist and Animator, and later as a Video Compositing Artist. In 2016, he joined Mad Head Games as a Technical Artist, quickly ascending to the position of Producer thanks to his exceptional organizational skills. Since 2018, Aleksandar has been working as the Producer of core games, showcasing his continuous growth in the field.

His philosophy revolves around prioritizing the product over processes: he agrees the processes are there to ease the way but believes they should be carefully and gradually introduced. Aleksandar suggests listening to the need for them and working on updating them occasionally – but taking care not to jeopardize the development of the product itself.

David Vesović

David is a Lead Project Manager with nine years of experience in the Gaming Industry. He has worked on projects of various sizes and complexities, and that vast experience allows him to explore different approaches and methodologies for efficient production organization. David’s professional journey spans from being an Artist in Mad Head Games to managing entire teams producing HOPA games in the same studio… and extends to organizing, leading, and overseeing large teams on AA & AAA projects consisting of more than 50 individuals.

His main philosophy is to organize efficient and predictable game production, focusing primarily on entertainment – a factor that cannot be precisely planned.

Nikolina Čeko

She kicked off her career as a Scrum Master in 2018. By early 2019, she started working as a project manager on an e-commerce project – alongside scrum mastering, where she applied the Kanban methodology.
In 2020 she shifted gears to a new company, taking the dual responsibilities of Scrum Master and Project Manager, and seized the opportunity to become a Product Owner for telecommunications software shortly after. In 2023, she joined Mad Head Games as a Producer.

She actively pursued training sessions, demonstrating a keen interest in SM, PO, and PAL, as well as in Product Management, Design Thinking, and Lean Startup methodologies.

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