Stefan Stojkovic
Stefan Stojkovic

Stefan Stojković

Throughout his professional career, he has held different positions such as Project Manager, Program Manager, Team Leader, Startup COO, Process Auditor, Scrum Master, and Agile Coach.

Today, he is in the gaming industry, working with an amazing team at Playstudios, on a new Tetris® game.

For Stefan, gaming isn’t just about entertainment; it’s about engagement and learning. He sees an opportunity to blend fun and education to create a thrilling adventure in learning. Stefan believes that gaming holds the key to breaking traditional barriers in education, and he is implementing all its elements into his educational materials. The transformative impact of gamified learning experiences on individuals and societies is what drives him, as he believes in innovative, accessible, and inclusive learning solutions that can shape a brighter future.

He is a true Change Agent, an Agile Coach, a promoter of continuous improvement, a LEGO® Serious Play® certified Facilitator, a Management 3.0 facilitator, and someone who uses all of his resources and knowledge to tailor learning materials, turning learning into a journey rather than just a destination. This, combined with Gamification, makes for an absolutely perfect match.

Topic: Game Development Playground – Navigating Change Through Continuous Improvement

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Join us for an exciting journey into the world of agile game development, where creativity meets efficiency. In this session, we will explore the dynamic realm of tailor-made approaches for crafting engaging and enjoyable games and products. Stefan will introduce the concept of fast experimentation cycles in the Agile Playground.

Playground is the space where everything happens. Collaboration, Synchronization, Continuous Improvement, Decision making, Feedback and all what is needed for one team to build exiting games and products.

We will talk about how playground for Game development evolves and how it adopts to the contexts of the one team and changes outside of the team. Our speaker, Stefan Stojković, will delve into the principles of agile and its seamless integration into game development, fostering collaboration and adaptability. Through real-world examples and stories, we’ll touch the surface of the strategies that empower game developers to stay nimble, iterate rapidly, and ultimately deliver games that captivate players.

The concepts Stefan is planning to share can be applied in any environment, making them interesting for anyone looking to enhance their continuous improvement cycle.

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