Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner® Course

990,00  + VAT


Date: 9th – 10th November

Course type: Online

Course Language: English

Trainer: Zuzana Sochova




Ignite your Product Owner journey with our Advanced Scrum Product Owner training!

This immersive course will empower you with advanced techniques to excel in your role as Product Owner, enabling you to shape innovative product strategies, drive stakeholder engagement, and optimize value delivery within complex Agile landscapes.

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About Trainer

Your coach will be Zuzana "Zuzi" Šochová with a remarkable career spanning over two decades in the IT industry, as a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), she brings unparalleled expertise and a wealth of practical insights to empower you on your Agile journey.

Zuzi's experience extends to the founding of the Czech Agile Association and the AgilePrague conference, showcasing her commitment to fostering Agile excellence on a worldwide scale, as a member of the Scrum Alliance Board of Directors since 2017.

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Course details

Date: 9th to 10th November

Time: 9AM to 5PM

Location: Online

Course Language: English

Max number of people: 20

Course type: ACSPO Certificate (by Scrum Alliance). 2 years license, renewable. You will need 30SEU points of continuing education per certificate to qualify for renewal.

SEU points: you will earn 16 SEU points (learn more about SEU points and its importance

Technical details

Registration & Payment for COMPANIES

You can register to this course by sending the email or you can do it online (register or/and register and pay). You can pay via bank transfer or by card on this site. When you make your payment by card or you send a request for the invoice, you will be contacted by our financial department as soon as possible (usually within one working day).

Registration & Payment for INDIVIDUALS

If you are booking a course as an individual, not on behalf of a company, we are here to support your personal development and this next step in your career, as we believe in the power of the community. So before you register, get in touch with us and find out about the ways we can support you and help.

Certification prerequisites

There are some prerequisites to receive your A-CSPO® - Advanced Certified Product Owner Certification:

  • Have at least one year of work experience specific to the Product Owner role logged at your Scrum Alliance profile (within the past five years).
  • Hold an active Certified Product Owner® Certificate (CSPO®) with the Scrum Alliance.
  • Pre-class preparation (depending on your experience and knowledge anything between a few hours and a few days).
  • Demonstrate your readiness for the A-CSPO learning objectives during practical simulations, which are going to be validated by the trainer.

Note: You may take the A-CSPO course at any time after completing your CSPO certification, but must have at least 12 months of Product Owner experience logged into your Scrum Alliance profile before you can receive your A-CSPO certification. This class welcomes everyone, but the A-CSPO® certificate will not be issued until all of the above-listed criteria are met.

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