Certified Scrum Master® Course

790,00  + VAT

Date: 10-12.06.2024.

Trainer: Petri Heiramo

Course Type: ONLINE



Join our course to learn the essential responsibilities and techniques of a Scrum Master. Discover how to create a thriving Scrum environment, facilitate seamless teamwork, and remove obstacles to ensure your team’s success. Get ready to lead with confidence and elevate your Scrum skills!

 Check this video to get the first impression about the course itself.

If you need more information about the Scrum Master role and your future path, you can check our description page HERE.

About The Trainer

Petri Heiramo is your go-to expert for this exciting course. Get ready to be inspired and empowered by this exceptional trainer.

Petri has been a long-term friend and trainer, bringing a unique blend of expertise and enthusiasm to every learning experience. His journey in the Agile world has been nothing short of remarkable, and now, you have the incredible opportunity to learn from the best! But don’t just take our word for it – take a sneak peek into Petri’s extraordinary achievements HERE, and you’ll be even more eager to embark on this transformative learning journey with him.


Course details

Course Language: English

Max number of people: 20

Course type: Scrum Master Certificate (by Scrum Alliance). 2 years license, renewable. You will need 20SEU points of continuing education to qualify for renewal.

SEU points: you will earn 16 SEU points (learn more about SEU points and its importance) 

Technical details

Registration & Payment for COMPANIES

You can register to this course by sending the email or you can do it online (register or/and register and pay). You can pay via bank transfer or by card on this site. When you make your payment by card or you send a request for the invoice, you will be contacted by our financial department as soon as possible (usually within one working day).

Registration & Payment for INDIVIDUALS

If you are booking a course as an individual, not on behalf of a company, we are here to support your personal development and this next step in your career, as we believe in the power of the community. So before you register, get in touch with us and find out about the ways we can support you and help.

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