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Agile Game Development Playground: Seeking Fun 

Join us for an exciting journey into the world of agile game development, where creativity meets efficiency. In this meetup, we will explore the dynamic realm of tailor-made approaches for crafting engaging and enjoyable games.

Playground is the space where everything happens Collaboration, Synchronization, Continuous Improvement, Decision-making, Feedback, and all that is needed for one team to build exciting games.

We will talk about how playground for Game development evolves and how it adopts to the contexts of the one team and changes outside of the team.

Our speaker, Stefan Stojković, will delve into the principles of agile methodology and its seamless integration into game development, fostering collaboration and adaptability. Through real-world examples and stories, we’ll touch the surface of the strategies that empower game developers to stay nimble, iterate rapidly, and ultimately deliver games that captivate players.

Entrance is free, sign up via email:

See you there…