Norma Acevedo
Norma Acevedo

Norma Acevedo

Norma Acevedo is a partner at the international company Rodriguez Pardo & Assocs, working as Business Agility Consultant and Agile expert supporting organizations worldwide in their way to Agility. As Program Manager in Commercetools, the world’s leading commerce platform Norma was part of the leadership team responsible to define the organizational processes and structures.

For over 27 years Norma has been an engaged software developer, maintenance engineer, trainer, process engineer and Deployment Manager in Ericsson. She was intensively involved in the Agile transformation at Ericsson ICT Center Aachen, acting as a change agent, coach and consultant for Ericsson customers.

She is a well-known public speaker with international reputation at Agile, Design Thinking and DevOps conferences.

Topic: DevOps: Bridging the Gap in the Pursuit of Continuous Delivery Excellence

The DevOps strategy has gained momentum as a driving force behind continuous delivery, emphasizing the need to “Automate everything!” This emphasis on automation is indeed commendable, and continuous deployment has become a pivotal component in the realm of software development. DevOps isn’t just an option; it’s a necessity.

However, amidst the fervor for automation, we mustn’t lose sight of the indispensable role that people play as enablers of this automation. Particularly in intricate DevOps scenarios, the recipe for success hinges on intensive collaboration among all stakeholders, both in development (‘Dev’) and operations (‘Ops’). Here, management support emerges as a linchpin, crucial for dismantling traditional Collaboration Conundrums.

Even as businesses recognize the benefits of agile methodologies as pillars of a DevOps strategy, the critical question arises:

● How does the agile coach or scrum master contribute to the DevOps strategy?
● Does executive management truly embrace knowledge sharing, cross-functionality, and self-organization among employees?

In this talk, we embark on a comprehensive exploration of the challenges faced by our developers and operators, aiming to uncover the elements essential for crafting an exemplary DevOps success story.

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