Phil Cain
Phil Cain

Phil Cain

Phil is a Coach, Trainer, Consultant and Team Development Professional specialising in systemic cultural change and large scale adoption of Lean and Agile Values and Principles.

Phil was invited into a Scrum team in 2005. He has since worked with a broad range of clients in multiple industries, including Banking, Financial Services, Central Government, Retail, Media, Insurance, Fashion, Automotive, and Oil & Gas and Defence. Phil’s passion is with teams and helping them to become increasingly capable units. His approach is to coach the structural and behavioural elements of teams and their relationships with their stakeholders to ensure that they have they environment and support that they need.

Topic: Nail it before you Scale it

With Scrum being a team based framework, the coaching approaches and models we use as Scrum Masters are in service of a team. However most approaches have an emphasis on intervening in the team’s process, dynamics and internal relationships.

Well validated research suggests that 60% of the influence upon a team’s effectiveness is through decisions made and actions taken before the team even exists. 30% is on how the team’s been launched into action, and only 10% of the influence on a team’s effectiveness is in the real-time coaching of the team dynamics and process, exactly where most coaches and Scrum Masters focus their efforts. The same research also identified 6 conditions that together predict up to 80% of a team’s effectiveness.

In this highly interactive workshop, learning is intended to happen through inclusion, participation and fun!

Through dialogue, practice and experiential learning, participants will gain an understanding of the environment and the “6 Conditions” that teams need to be in place in order to thrive. Participants will learn how to assess, diagnose, and determine where best to focus their efforts as Leaders, Coaches or Scrum Masters of teams and experience a number of tools and techniques for coaching teams on their own design.

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