Stig Elkjær Rasmussen (1)
Stig Elkjær Rasmussen (1)

Stig Elkjær Rasmussen

Stig has recently completed a PhD in quantum technology and machine learning. Along with the Ph.D. in physics from Aarhus University, he is also an external lecturer, as he is passionate about quantum engineering.

Along with his work, he has now found his calling at Kvantify as a Quantum Engineer, working to help companies reap the benefits of Quantum Computing. He is also researching on theoretical aspects of emerging quantum technologies in the world. Stig is working towards using quantum computing as one of the most promising technologies for achieving vital solutions to tech problems.

Topic: How to apply quantum computers to real problems

It is expected that quantum computers will become a useful technology within the next couple of years. This talk will discuss how quantum computers work and the different platforms used to build them. Quantum computers are expected to have a huge impact on society in many different areas. Examples of where quantum computers will have the most substantial effect will be discussed along with the possibilities and challenges created by quantum computers.

Early quantum computers are already accessible today and different examples of how to use quantum computers will be introduced, and we will introduce how to start learning more about working with quantum computers and how you can start playing around with them already today.

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